Abyssal Deadspace Abyssal Deadspace Alpha 1st Day Guide

About Abyssal Deadspace

What is Abyssal Deadspace ?

Abyssal Deadspace is a isolated hidden type of space that can be accessed via filamets. When you use a filament, you will be gatet into a unknown Space Location. Each Kind of these Space Locations are based on three rooms. Every room has a gate which will only be opend if all enemys in the room are destroyed. The main problem, you have to escape within 20 minutes. If you cant complete all of the three rooms within 20 minutes, the Warpfield collapses and your Ship and POD will be destropyed.

Basicly there are five types of difficulties which will called Tiers and types of Environment Effects that are called Weather. Weathers have one Bonus and one penalty Effect. The Tiers are regulating how many enemys you will find in a room, and how strong the penalty will take effect to you. Also the Filaments that you will lead you into a Abyssal Deadspace Environment will tell you, what Tier and Weather effect you will enter if you use it.

Ship and Fleet limitations

Abyssal Deadspace has a limit to Tech I, Tech2 and Navy/Pirate Faction Cruisers when youre playing solo. If you run Abyssal Deadspace as a Fleet youre restricted to Tech I and Tech II Navy/Pirate Frigates.

Obtainign Loot

There are 2 types of Loot Containers which will gain loot. The main loot will always be called Triglavian Bioadaptive Chache. this Chache Node contains things like BPC´s, Faction BPC´s, Filaments, Skill Books, Multiplasmids, Modules, Faction modules and Industrial materials. One Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache can contain hundrets of millions ISK. The amount of Loot is based scales with the Tier Level you run and also scales up when youre running Abyssal Deadspace with a Fleet.

Triglavian Bioadaptive Cache

There is a second type of Node which you can obtain loot from. Its called Triglavian Extraction Node. Mostly there just containign Filaments and Industrial Stuff.

Triglavian Extraction Node

Filaments, Tiers and Penalty Strength

Tier (difficulty)Filament NameFilament IconPenalty Strength
5Chaotic-50% / -70%

Weather Penalty and Bonus Effects

WeatherPenelty EffectBonus Effect
ElectricalPenalty to EM ResistanceCap Recharge Time -50%
ExoticPenalty to Kinetic Resistance Scan Resolution +50%
DarkPenalty to Turret Falloff and Optimal RangeVelocity +50%
Gamma Penalty to Explosive Resistance Shield HP +50%
Firestorm Penalty to Thermal Resistance Armor HP +50%

Area Effects – Clouds

There are 3 types of Clouds which will put a Penalty to you if your flying in the area of effect.

Cloud NameColorPenalty
Filament Cloudorange-40% Shield Boost amount and +40% to Shield Booster duration.
Bioluminescence Cloudblue+300% Signature Radius (Evil against Battleships)
Causic Cloudyellow -80% Local and Remote Armor Repair amount
Filament Cloud
Bioluminescence Cloud

Area Effects – Triglavian Towers

Tower NameRangeEffect
Short-Range Deviant Suppressor15 KMDamages all Drones and Missilies wiothin its range.
Medium-Range Deviant Suppressor 40 KM Damages all Drones and Missilies wiothin its range.
Multibody Tracking Pylonwithin the visual effect +60% to +80% to all ships in its effect.
Deviant Automata Suppressor
  • Supressors can be usefull to kill hostile drones in a short amount of time.
Multibody Tracking Pylon
  • Tracking Pylons can be usefull on tracking problems

Know your enemy

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