Abyssal Deadspace Abyssal Deadspace Alpha 1st Day Guide

Ready your Character

What do we need ?

  • New Alpha Account with the 1 mio. Skill Point Bonus from this Link: Create Account
  • Around 11.5 mio. ISK


  • Create Account
  • Create Character
  • Buy Skills
  • Apply Skill Points

Create Account

Follow the to create a new account with an extra of 1 million Skill Points. Create Account

Create Character

Create a new Character with the following specifications

  • Empire – Caldari
  • Bloodline – Civire
  • Ancestery – Mercs
  • Education – State War Academy

After the Character Creation head to the Solar System Jita and Dock to

  • Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Skills to buy

Buy the Skills from the List below. You can buy them by hover in the Character Sheet over the required Skill.

Alternative you can buy the Books in Market and inject them.

Caldari Destroyer130.000,00 ISK
Caldari Cruiser1.300.000,00 ISK
Missile Bombardment130.000,00 ISK
Light Missiles39.000,00 ISK
Rapid Launch78.000,00 ISK
Wardhead Upgrades2.600.000,00 ISK
Missile Projection325.000,00 ISK
Target Navigation Prediction117.000,00 ISK
Jury rigging97.500,00 ISK
Shield Rigging325.000,00 ISK
Light Drone Operation 97.500,00 ISK
Thermodynamics 5.850.000,00 ISK

Aplly Skill Points

To appyl Skillpoints you simply need to rightclick on a Skill in your Character Sheet and select Apply Skill Points.

A new Windows opens up. where we can type in the number of Skill Points we want to apply. Just apply the number of Skill Points listed below (we ca do it in one step and dont need to do it level for level).

Skill NameSP to applyTraget level
Caldari Frigate 155003
Caldari Destroyer160003
Caldari Cruiser 400003
Missile Launcher Operation 450054
Missile Bombardment
Light Missiles 905104
Rapid Launch 905104
Wardhead Upgrades 400003
Shiled Upgrades 876814
Missile Projection 56572
Target Navigation Prediction 160003
Tactical Shield Manipulation 1753634
Shiled Management 1315224
Weapon Upgrades 876814
Mechanics 65853
Jury rigging 160003
Shield Rigging 240003
Drones 11652
Light Drone Operation 8000 3
Drone Avionics 7750 3
Thermodynamics 24000 3